Our mission


Bridge-Pamoja exists to close the relational divide and build a BRIDGE to support the personal, educational and socio-economic empowerment of individuals representing the African diaspora and Africa.



Bridge-Pamoja brings members from diverse Black communities together, from an intersectionality of ages, genders, faiths, and social backgrounds – to explore and dismantle the root causes of our divisions.

Building Resilience

In addition to the remarkable resilience we have had to develop over centuries of oppression, individuals representing the African Diaspora and Africa have tremendous capacity for understanding, empathy, and growth.

By coming together around the many issues that unite our communities, and rejecting false divisions, Bridge-Pamoja seeks to create lasting change; healing old wounds and elevating our voices in unison.

Our Declaration

Having acknowledged our common heritage, shared experiences, challenges, and unique contribution to the world;


Having acknowledged misconceptions and stereotypes we have toward each other;


Having affirmed our core values, the essence and importance of bridging the relational divide existing between us as one people;

We hereby declare and affirm the following: