Our programming largely revolves around ongoing community events, forums, and summits. We believe in the power of personal storytelling to bring people together, break down silos, build community, and dismantle systemic oppression.

COVID-19 Relief

We have partnered with the Oregon Health Authority to provide COVID-19 education outreach to the community and the Portland Housing Bureau to provide rent relief and household assistance to families disproportionately impacted by COVID-19

Forums & Summits

Each year, Bridge-Pamoja hosts a Summit in an effort to close the relational divide and build a bridge to support the personal, educational, and socio-economic empowerment of individuals representing the African Diaspora and African.

Focus Areas

Connection to Culturally Specific Services

We connect Portlanders with culturally appropriate services such as mental health, housing, employment, education, etc. We are often utilized as a tool for bringing partners together to effectively address gaps – and overlap – in culturally specific services. 

Creation of Advocacy Committees

We have formed committees to engage advocacy with regular meetings, information sharing, press conferences, and virtual forums.


We have experience hosting large gatherings of culturally diverse populations around a range of issues, including public health, systemic barriers, racism & implicit biases, economic development, and education. We represent the strong collective voice of a people who are united against oppression. We are a powerful force for advocacy and social change.